Bush Babies and KinderM8

Bush Babies Childcare is moving over to a new system for payments, children’s records, parent communication, and more.


What do I need to do?

  1. Set up a new payment method through Ezydebit
  2. Accept the invitation to the new KinderM8 system
  3. Download the app on your mobile

Accessing KinderM8

KinderM8 can be accessed by parents on their computers, or mobile devices like phones or iPads to keep in touch with how your child is doing and what is happening at Bush Babies. Below are the three different ways that you can access the system. You must use your email address and password to access KinderM8 on any of these devices.

I didn’t receive an invite what do I do?

Come and see us in the office or give us a call on 02 4753 6822

Do I need to do this?

Yes, the changeover to KinderM8 is mandatory.
KinderM8 will be taking over as our CCMS system and for this reason, all parents will need to be using this new system. Not changing to the new system in time could mean you end-up paying full fees without CCS assistance.