Bush Babies Preschool Program

Starting “big school” is a big transition for children and parents alike. At Bush Babies, school readiness is an important part of our preschool program. Our educators focus not only on group activities, but small group and individual learning as well.
We acknowledge that being ready for school is not just about academic achievement but also social and emotional readiness as well.

Our school readiness program focuses on:
Encouraging children to develop social skills with peers and educators as well as important conflict resolution skills to assist children to navigate the ups and downs of friendships in the school environment.
Self -help skills: Encouraging children to be independent in taking care of their belongings, dressing, toileting, eating, drinking and taking care of their own self while they are away from parents and family.
Numeracy and Literacy: A focus on practical, play based lessons to encourage your child’s alphabet awareness, learning to identify and write their own name, counting and simple maths games all designed to prepare your child for the lessons that will start in Kindergarten
Science and Investigative Play: Children in this age group love to know the WHY. The preschool program explores children’s interests in practical science experiments, investigations and play based projects to encourage a love of learning and showing children how to resource their own learning.

Our program is designed to give children the best possible start in school that will contribute to a lifelong love of learning.